O Come, let us Worship and bow down before our King and God.
O Come, let us worship and bow down before Christ, our King and God.
O Come, let us worship and bow down to Christ Himself, our King and God.

This invitation marks the beginning of each day for the Orthodox Church. It comes from the office of Vespers, and it expresses the attitude which is at the heart of Orthodoxy. The Worship of God - the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, - is fundamental to the life and spirit of the Orthodox Church. Learn More»


Parish News and Notes


Clergy: St Nectarios does not currently have a Priest assigned to our Parish. Father John has taken an indefinite leave from serving at St Nectarios for personal reasons. We greatly miss him and our prayers are with him and his family.

The Parish Council is working with the diocese to identify a new Priest for St Nectarios. Updates on the Parish Council’s progress will be posted on the St Nectarios Website and included in weekly Bulletins.

Services: We have some really good news. In the near term, special Liturgical services are being planned for several times per month. There will also continue to be Typica reader services every Sunday at St Nectarios starting at 10AM. The service will be followed by fellowship time (now including a light meal).

For November, Father Dean regrets having to cancel his previously announced visit to St Nectarios on Saturday, November 18th.  He hopes to be able to reschedule at a later date.  The General Assembly Meeting for Saturday, November 18th will be held at a later date. 

For December, the plan is for Fr. Serpahim Majmudar (from St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Tacoma) visit St Nectarios. The first visit will include Friday evening, December 8th (Great Vespers) and Saturday morning December 9th (Matins and Divine Liturgy). The second visit will be for a Christmas evening service on Sunday, December 24th. Also a Vesperal Liturgy Friday evening, January 5th is planned. (Times will be posted later.)


Church Publications

Sunday Bulletin. St. Nectarios sends out Weekly Bulletins containing the hymns and readings for each week's Sunday service along with church announcements.

Newsletter. Each month a newsletter is sent out with a message from Fr. John, the schedule of services for the month, and church announcements. (The newsletter is also mailed to those requesting hard copies.)

Special. Special announcements emails are sent if there is special event or a last minute change in scheduled services.

Email Distribution List: If you would like to be on our email distribution list, please send a request to   






Please see 'Schedule of Services' (under the 'About Us' Tab) for St. Nectarios Services and activities.
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