O Come, let us Worship and bow down before our King and God.
O Come, let us worship and bow down before Christ, our King and God.
O Come, let us worship and bow down to Christ Himself, our King and God.

This invitation marks the beginning of each day for the Orthodox Church. It comes from the office of Vespers, and it expresses the attitude which is at the heart of Orthodoxy. The Worship of God - the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, - is fundamental to the life and spirit of the Orthodox Church. Learn More»


Parish News and Notes


Metropolis C.O.M.E. ministry board visitor:  The new Director of C.O.M.E. (the Metropolis Mission Board), Thomaida Hudanish, will visit St. Nectarios on Sept 2 &3.  She is based in Portland, OR and attends St. John the Baptist Church in Beaverton, OR. After the Sunday liturgy, she will meet with us during the Fellowship.  Our understanding of the purpose of her visit is to talk about C.O.M.E. goals and changes and get to know our mission and parishioners. She would like to have a casual/non-rushed discussion with parishioners during/after the Sunday luncheon.

School Supply Drive:  St Nectarios is currently having its annual drive to collect school supplies for needy students.  Please consider donating an assortment of such items.  There is donation box athe Church.

Fall Sunday School:  Jim Droppo (, 509 547 8745).  Fall Sunday School classes will start in September.   Those interested in attending or helping please contact Jim or Father John.  

Parish Council News: A number of Church improvement projects were conducted in August.  The parking lot was re-sealed and new parking lines painted.  The good news was that the cracks had not opened – and only a surface treatment was needed. 

There has been a long term problem with the “expensive to replace” outdoor lights failing as the result of moisture problems.  New light bulbs have been installed in existing fixtures that will be much more reliable and much less expensive to replace.

The Parish Council meetings are normally held once a month after Sunday Liturgy on one the Sundays that Father John is here.  The meetings are open to all members in good standing – input is always appreciated.  Scott Ghan is the president of the Parish Council.     

Prosphron Schedule: Maria Touvannas ( 

Sunday September 3 - Maria Touvannas

Friday September 8 - Tatiana Van Dinter

Sunday September 10 - Tammy Droppo

Clergy at St. Nectarios

Father John Angelis serves at St. Nectarios Church. His normal schedule will be to serve at St. Nectarios two consecutive Sundays each month. Father John can be reached at the St. Nectarios Church at (509) 547-3968, on his personal phone at (206)-678-6360, or by email at

Sacrament of Holy Confession: The Sacrament of Holy Confession is available to all of you. Please call Fr. John to make your personal appointment when he is here.

Visits with Father:  Father John is available during the first week of each month for visits and consultations in the larger Tri-Cities area.  You may wish to invite him to your home for a visit, or schedule a meeting at the Church

Visitation of the Shut-ins:  When time allows, Father John Angelis plans on visiting members of our local Orthodox Parish whose situation makes it difficult for them to attend services. If you know someone who would appreciate such a visit, or you would like to accompany Father John on his visits, please contact the Church or Father John.

 2017 St Nectarios Parish Council: The members of the Parish Council for 2017 are: John Bekhazi, Scott Ghan, Nancy Manthos, Gregoriy Pinchuk, Nadar Samaan, Mathew Van Dinter.

Church Publications

Sunday Bulletin. St. Nectarios sends out Weekly Bulletins containing the hymns and readings for each week's Sunday service along with church announcements.

Newsletter. Each month a newsletter is sent out with a message from Fr. John, the schedule of services for the month, and church announcements. (The newsletter is also mailed to those requesting hard copies.)

Special. Special announcements emails are sent if there is special event or a last minute change in scheduled services.

Email Distribution List: If you would like to be on our email distribution list, please send a request to   






Please see 'Schedule of Services' (under the 'About Us' Tab) for St. Nectarios Services and activities.
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