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Saint Nectarios Monthly Newsletter

December 2019

Saint Nectarios Greek Orthodox Mission Church
627 West Bonneville St, Pasco WA 99301
Phone: 509 547-3968

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Giving is a way to thank God for His Grace and Generosity. The question is not, “How much do I give to stay in the club? Or “What are the dues?” but “How can I thank God for my many blessings. Please complete your 2020 Stewardship form and return it if you have not already done so. A stewardship form was attached to the December Newsletter - and is also avaliable at St. Nectarios.

Akathist to St. Nectarios will take place Friday, December 6 at 6:00pm. The service will be followed by a potluck meal and fellowship time. Let’s join together in asking for the intercessory prayers of St. Nectarios. We encourage everyone to participate from wherever you may be, to get the link is:

Christmas Program: The children will present a Christmas Program after Liturgy on Sunday December 22. Please contact us if you have a child (or grand-child) that would like to particulate in this Christmas activity.

Parish Council News

The Fall General Assembly took place on Sunday, November 24. The 2020 Budget was approved, the 2020 Stewardship Champaign was launched and Parish Council Elections took place. John Bekhazi, Tatiana Van Dinter, and Maria Touvannas where re-elected for another 2-year term and Tammy Droppo is replacing Nancy Manthos, who is stepping down from her position. Thank you, Nancy, for your continued service to St. Nectarios over the years.

Orthodox Book Discussion Meetings will again be held on Saturday afternoons before Vespers when Father is here. We are currently discussing the book “Our Thoughts determine our Lives” by Elder Thaddeus of Vritovnica. Please come, and invite your friends to come with you, to enjoy a lively discussion – and learn more about Orthodoxy. Visitations: Fr. John Angelis has resumed his service to the Greater Tri-city Area and will be making home/church visitations. He may be contacted on his cell phone (2O6 678-636O), by voice-mail message on the church phone (5O9 547-3968), or by email to the church (

Parish Council Meeting – to be announced.

Church Clean-up – to be announced.

Future Church Activities: Parish Retreat with Fr. Aris Metrakos – January 11-12, 2020.



Saturday, 12/7 – Maria Touvannas

Sunday, 12/15 – Tatiana Van Dinter

Sunday, 12/22 – Tammy Droppo

Tuesday, 12/24 – Tammy Droppo

Fellowship Meal

Friday, 12/6 – Tammy Droppo

Saturday 12/7 – Mirna Bekhazi

Sunday, 12/15 – Lorraine Shapley

Sunday, 12/22 – Maria Touvannas

St. Nectarios Goals

As reported in the November Newsletter a church planning meeting was held with Thomaida Hudanish from the Missions Board in late October. Long term and short term goals for St. Nectarios identified at this meeting are posted on the walls of the downstairs Fellowship Room. Below are the short term goals – along with the people that will lead the activities in the four action groups. Please contact them with your ideas and suggestions to help us meet these four goals.

Our Short Term Goals (through Nov 9, 2020)

  1. Improve and Modernize Communication within the Parish (Maria)
  2. Improve Operational Organization(Tatiana)
  3. Further Develop Welcoming (Tammy & Jim)
  4. Increase Community Activities (Martin)

December Services Schedule

Saint Nectarios Greek Orthodox Mission Church

627 West Bonneville St, Pasco WA 99301

Sunday, December 1

10:00AM Typica (Reader) Service

11:00AM Fellowship Time

Friday, December 6

6:00PM Akathist to St. Nectarios

Saturday, December 7

Fr. Michael Tervo

9:00AM Orthros (Matins)

10:00AM Divine Liturgy

11:00AM Fellowship Time

Sunday, December 8

No Service

Saturday, December 14

4:00PM Orthodox Book Discussion Group

5:00PM Vespers

Sunday, December 15

Fr. John Angelis

9:00AM Orthros (Matins)

10:00AM Divine Liturgy

11:00AM Fellowship Time

Saturday, December 21

4:00PM Orthodox Book Discussion Group

5:00PM Vespers

Sunday, December 22

Fr. John Angelis

9:00AM Orthros (Matins)

10:00AM Divine Liturgy

11:00AM Children’s Christmas Program

11:00AM Fellowship Time

Tuesday, December 24

Fr. John Angelis

6:00PM Christmas Liturgy

Sunday, December 29

10:00AM Typica (Reader) Service

11:00AM Fellowship Time


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