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Saint Nectarios Monthly Newsletter

January 2020

Saint Nectarios Greek Orthodox Mission Church
627 West Bonneville St, Pasco WA 99301
Phone: 509 547-3968


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Challenge - How Will We Meet Our St. Nectarios Goals?
A planning group of parish members are considering how we can meet our goals for the next year – and are looking for your input.  The goals and group leaders are as follows:
Our Goals for the Next Year
1.     Improve and Modernize Communication within the Parish (Maria)
2.     Improve Operational Organization (Tatiana)
3.     Further Develop Welcoming (Tammy & Jim)
4.     Increase Community Activities (Martin)
Come and join us for our first planning meeting on Friday, 1/3 following the Akathist service.
Our stewardship drive continues in January.  Giving is a way to thank God for His Grace and Generosity. The question is not, “How much do I give to stay in the club? Or “What are the dues?” but “How can I thank God for my many blessings. If you have not already done so, please complete your 2020 Stewardship form and return it. A stewardship form was attached to the January Newsletter - and is also avaliable at St. Nectarios.
Akathist to St. Nectarios will take place Friday, January 3 at 6:00pm. The service will be followed by a potluck meal and fellowship time. Let’s join together in asking for the intercessory prayers of St. Nectarios. We encourage everyone to participate from wherever you may be.  To get the text, use the link:
Parish Retreat - January 11, 2020:  
Join us for an enlightening and educational experience with Fr. Aris Metrakos.
   Theme:  The Vision of the Church in the World - What does it mean to be a Parish?
   Where:  St. Nectarios Orthodox Church, Pasco, WA
   Time:  10:00-3:30pm (Lunch to be provided - goodwill offering accepted). 
Vespers will follow at 4PM.
Orthodox Book Discussion Meetings will again be held on Saturday afternoons before Vespers when Father is here. We are currently discussing the book “Our Thoughts determine our Lives” by Elder Thaddeus of Vritovnica. Please come, and invite your friends to come with you, to enjoy a lively discussion – and learn more about Orthodoxy.
2020 Church Calendars are available in the Fellowship area.  We will be glad to mail you a copy – just call the Church or send an email request to the Church’s email. 
Visitations: Fr. John Angelis has resumed his service to the Greater Tri-city Area and will be making home/church visitations. He may be contacted on his cell phone (2O6 678-636O), by voice-mail message on the church phone (5O9 547-3968), or by email to the church (
Parish Council Meeting – January 19th.
Church Clean-up – After Liturgy on Monday January 6th
Parish Retreat with Fr. Aris Metrakos – January 11-12, 2020.  
Sunday, 1/5 – Maria Touvannas
Sunday, 1/12 – Tatiana Van Dinter
Saturday, 1/18 – Tammy Droppo?
Sunday, 1/19 – Tammy Droppo
Fellowship Meal
Friday, 1/3 –bring a dish to share
Sunday, 1/5 - Mirna Bekhazi
Sunday, 1/12 – bring a dish to share
Sunday, 1/19 – Lorraine Shapley


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