Fr. John's New Schedule

Starting in August, Fr. John will be here for the first two Sundays of each month.  He will stay in the TriCities for the week between these services.  He plans on using this week to visit with the families of the Parishioners and to get to know them better. 

He also wants to offer a fellowship Hour with a presentation during the week so that we can learn more about our precious Orthodox Faith.  He can do that in one of your homes or at Church.  Please contact him with your suggestions and ideas.

In summary, there now will normally be Devine Liturgy on the first two Sundays of each month with expanded services and activities during the week between Sunday services.   

Father John can be reached at the St. Nectarios Church at (509) 547-3968 (during the week that he is here), on his personal phone at (206)-678-6360, or by email at



Baptism at St Nectarios

The grandson of a long time member of the local parish was recently baptized St Nectarios.  The father of the baptized young man served years ago as an altar boy at St Nectarios.


 Visitation of the departed on Saturday May 27