Message from Father John

Let us Return to the Lord His Portion in Gratitude

     We have a generous Lord and Creator.  He granted us life, talents and strength to develop them for our good and His glorification.

     In the Parable of the Vineyard, He provided the farm, He planted the Vineyard, he put up a fence and a tower to protect it and He built a storage to put in the grapes and store the wine.  The farmers had to provide only the cultivation and protection for the vine.

     This is a Parable and refers to the life of the Israelites and in succession to our own life.   God gave the promised land to the Israelites, gave them the Law which was like a fence around them to protect them from the idolatrous life of the surrounding Gentiles, He built for them the Temple where to come and be in communion with their God  and also gave them the Priests, the teachers and the Prophets to guide them in their faith and daily life.  Did they follow them?  We know the answer from the Old Testament.

     The Parable applies also to us in the Christian Church.  Christ established His Church.  He has built a Temple, a Church building, to come and worship Him. He has given us the Holy Sacraments to gather to offer thanks to God and receive His message and Grace in the Holy Eucharist.  He has given us His Priests and Theologians to interpret and share His Holy Will for our edification and salvation.  The only thing he desires from us is to set aside a portion of the time and resources He has granted us for His worship and support of the material needs of His Church.

     September 1 is the beginning of the Ecclesiastical, Liturgical Year, as January 1 is the beginning of the chronological year.  We give Thanks to God for all His blessings during the preceding year, and we set aside a portion of His blessings for the material needs and programs of His Church.

     God has instructed us to set aside one day of the week, Saturday For the Jews, , Sunday for us Christians, to gather together  in His Church to thank and worship Him for all His blessings upon us.

     We need to remember that our time and resources are entrusted to us to use them properly for our needs, for  the support of His Church and for  the assistance of our fellow man in need. At the end of our life we will have to give an account to God of how we used His talents and resources to us.

     While we are still alive, let us heed His message and respond to Him in Gratitude.

 With love, Fr. John P. Angelis



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