Monthly Message from Father John

A New Beginning With Christ

The inhabitants of Neftali and Zabulon saw a great light.
Their new Light now is the newly arrived Christ.
He came to this sea-coast town, after His baptism,
For all the people to see and enjoy His divine Light.

John the Baptist addressed Jesus as “the Lamb of God,”
Because our sins are forgiven by partaking of the H. Eucharist.
He came to redeem us from the unbearable slavery of sin.
As He freed ancient Israel from the  Egyptian slavery.

Jesus Christ, as the Lamb of God, carried our sins on the Cross.
He forgave us, He redeemed us  from the devil, our enemy.
Christ wants us now to repent, to come to Him to forgive us;

To experience His salvation which out of love brought to us.
God, the giver of light, did not create spiritual darkness.
We sinned, we became darkness after loosing His Light.
The Incarnate Christ came to our world for this purpose,

To shine His Light on us and defeat our enemy, the devil
Don’t curse the darkness in your life.  Let the divine Light shine!
The unbearable darkness will disappear.  It cannot stand the Light!
Christ wants us now to become a light for our fellow man:

To see us, to be enlightened and come to the joyous light.
The New Year brought us new goals and new hopes.
Let us all learn from our failures during the past year.
Repented for our sins and renewed,  let us move forward.

Christ, our Savior, wants all of us to be spiritually victorious.
We celebrate Jesus’ Theophany, this Sunday of the year.
None of us should live unrepented in the enemy’s darkness.
Forgiven let us be sanctified with Jordan’s holy water.
And make our every beneficent work pleasing to God.

Thus our new resolutions for the future will be accomplished.
By our God-pleasing deeds, and enabled by His Grace,
We will seek to please with gratitude our Heavenly Father,
As we will strive to be merciful to our needy fellow man

With love, Fr. John P. Angelis

Happy New Year!


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