Message from Father John

What an Insight from a Blind Man!

Jesus sounds a warning to all of us who see with our bodily eyes but have closed our spiritual eyes. The Gospel Lesson of the healing of the blind man is a case in point. The Pharisees who could see with their physical eyes refused to believe the miracle of God, the opening of the eyes of the blind man. On the other hand, the blind man believed and was receptive and willing to accept God’s intervention in his personal life. Let us follow Saint John the Evangelist’s report closely and gain spiritual insight for ourselves.

On a Sabbath Day, Jesus healed the blind man who was begging by the roadside. First, Jesus answered His Disciples’ question about the cause of blindness in this man. Jesus explained to His Disciples that this man’s blindness was not caused by his parents’ sins or his own. He was born blind so the glory of God would be made manifest. Then Jesus proceeded to heal him. He made clay, put it on his eyes and told him to go to the pool of Siloam and wash his eyes. The blind man followed Jesus’ instructions and came back with the ability to see.

The Pharisees, who did not like Jesus, could not believe their eyes. They asked both the former blind man and his parents to verify his healing. The people recognized Jesus’ miracle and glorified God. But not the Pharisees. Their pride, their jealousy and antipathy for Jesus made them blind. They tried to convince the healed blind man that Jesus was not from God, because He healed on the Sabbath Day. But the healed man, who was also seeing spiritually, now took the offensive and began to correct the Pharisee’s Spiritual blindness and teach them the truth about God. Unfortunately, the Pharisees, blinded by their envy, turned also against the healed man and threw him out of the synagogue. But Jesus came and found him for a second time. He revealed Himself to him and the healed man acknowledged Jesus as his Lord.

Do you see what pride, jealousy and envy do to a person? They blind him and darken his mind. They do not allow him to see the miracles of God around him and give glory to God. The natural and supernatural miracles of God unfold daily in front of our eyes, but if we allow our passions to blind our soul, we cannot see them. Only the cleansing of our passions through repentance and confession of our sins can open our eyes and allow God’s Grace to come to our souls. Only then we will be able to see God’s presence in our lives and confess Him as did the healed blind man.

Our Church invited us on Easter Night to “Come and receive Light from The Unwaning Light and glorify Christ Who rose from the Dead.” Let us accept the witness of the Church and live our daily life enlightened by Christs’s Divine Light.

With love, Fr. John P. Angelis


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