Message from Father John

Sunday December 5, 2021
Weekly Message from Father John 
We honored St. John the Theologian several weeks ago.
He was on Mt. Tabor with Jesus, Moses and Elian.
He heard God’s voice about His beloved Son,
To listen to Him.  He gave the words to His Son.
John was to Jesus His most beloved Disciple,
The Bible tells this about this eye-witness Disciple,
To John Jesus entrusted His Mother from the cross,
To take care of Her, as He was dying on His Cross.
Mary trusted Jesus’ beloved Disciple to the very end,
She rejoiced with him, when Jesus had risen from the dead,
All His other Disciples deserted Her Son at His Passion,
But John was by her side comforting her with compassion.
Look at the Cross and see God’s great love for us,
He sent His beloved Son on earth out of love for us,
This good news St. John recorded in his holy writings,
To inspire and encourage us in our spiritual strivings
In St. Demetrios Church’s stained glass window you see him,
He is portrayed as a writer with his biblical symbolism.
Do you see the eagle’s beak in the middle of the red?
His writings are lofty, divine, like the heaven’s bird.
They speak of God’s love and Jesus’ divinity,
Who came to do God’s will and save humanity.
He calls all men to accept Him and do His will,
Otherwise, they will face His Father’s ill.
To honor St. John properly we should read His holy writings,
The fourth gospel that bears his name and his other writings,
Revelations is not read but extensively in icons depicted,
Even in the New Testament some writings are encrypted.
St. John Chrysostom, in a sermon, called the Bible a gold mine.
He urged us to read it daily, as digging precious gold in the mine.
The more we read it, meditate on it, and conscientiously live it,
The more divine gold and spiritual wisdom we’ll discover in it.
The Saints of God, like John the Evangelist, lived their faith,
It’s important for us to truly know them and their Godly faith.
To emulate their life and learn from their God-pleasing example,
Not simply to know our Orthodox Faith, but to also bear fruit ample.
With love, 
Fr. John P. Angelis


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