Message from Father John

Sunday August 1, 2021
Sixth Sunday of St. Matthew

His friends brought the paralyzed man to Jesus, begging Him to heal him from his great suffering.  Jesus first healed the cause of his paralysis, sin, the root cause of his paralysis.  The Pharisees, who harbored evil thoughts against Christ, said against Jesus that He blasphemed; that He did not have God within him, but demons.  Christ, as all-knowing God, read the Pharisee’s thoughts and uncovered their crafty, sinister thoughts.

“Why do you think craftily inside of you?” Jesus told them; “But you’ll see the power of God, my power, and then you’ll be convinced” of Who I am.  Jesus proceeded, healed the paralyzed man instantly, and told him to carry his bed and go home.

Christ revealed His authority with the miracle; He restored the health of the paralytic.  The common people glorified God for Christ’s miracle.  But not the Pharisees.  They hated Jesus and His miracles.

When man’s deeds are crafty and evil, he does not want God’s light to reveal them.  The Pharisees appeared in life as virtuous, but their sinful life in action spoke otherwise.  They exploited the widow, the orphan and the poor.  They violated God’s Law that protected them.  Hypocritically, they prayed pompously in the public places, sometimes throwing ashes on themselves to appear to the common people that they were fasting and keeping the Law of Moses.

But the righteous God hates the despicable hypocrisy.  Hypocrisy belongs to the theatre, not in God’s worship.  God demands from man a clean and pure heart.  Every Christian should adorn himself with this.

For this reason Christ forgave first the paralytic’s sin in order for his soul to be cleansed from sin.  Afterwards He healed his body from paralysis.  Both now, body and soul, enjoyed the healing.

We should also be cleansed from our personal sins by repentance and His forgiveness, as members of His Holy Church.  Because of sins, both body and soul suffer many ailments, in most cases.  With our repentance and the assistance of our physicians, we’ll recover the desired healing.  The physicians and medicines are God’s gift to us, according to the Bible and we need to respect them and use the medicine they prescribe for us.

With love, Fr. John P. Angelis 


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