Message from Father John


Jesus came to Samaria with his Disciples,
And He sat by Jacob’s well to get some rest.
A Samaritan woman came to it to draw water.
Christ asked her politely, “to give Him a drink.”

The Samaritan woman did not expect His request.
Because Jews and Samaritans do not get along.
Jesus offered to give a spiritual drink to the woman.
And she thought that He’ll draw it from a well.

So she looked at Jesus if He had a rope and a bucket,
To be able to draw water from Jacob’s deep well.
“My own water,” He told her, “makes you no longer thirsty.”
“You don’t have to come to this well to draw water.”

The Samaritan woman asked Him for this water,
So that she won’t have to carry water any longer.8
“Go and call your husband and come back here.”
“Correct your immoral life according to God’s Law.”

She changed quickly the subject, because it hurt her.
She asked: “Where is the right place to worship God?”
The Jews worship God in the Temple, in Jerusalem.
We worship God on Mt. Garizin, as our father Jacob told us

It’s not the place which makes one a true worshipper.
But the Holy Spirit which Christ brought to earth.
“I, who speak to you, am the Messiah, the Christ.”
“God is worshipped correctly in spirit and in truth.”

The woman became dizzy from His new teaching,
She ran to the city quickly and narrated this news.
“Come and see Him, who revealed to me my life.”
“Could this be the Christ, our forefathers told us?”

The Disciples came from the city and brought food.
But Jesus spoke to his Disciples about spiritual food.
As the Disciples were attached to material things,
They did not understand His talk about spiritual food.

But when they saw the Samaritans coming hurriedly,
They understood what changed the Samaritan woman.
Now she became the first missionary to Samaria.
She brought to her co-patriots the true religion.

One by one the Samaritans received His teaching,
Because they personally heard Jesus’ teaching.
Christ changed the “water” once again into “wine.”
May we also receive His Divine, saving teaching.

A spiritual, refreshing, pure water we all desire,
To quench our spiritual thirst in this arid life.
The world has filled us with much polluted water,
Which the devil with his temptations has poisoned.

Let us repent for our sins as the Samaritan woman.
Let us ask forgiveness from Christ to find salvation.
He will grant us His Holy Spirit abundantly in our life.
Only then we will find genuine, fulfilling joy in life.

With love, Fr. John P. Angelis


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