Message from Father John

Sunday January 23, 2022
Weekly Message from Father John 
     God, our Father, prepared a Great Supper for all of us. He sent His servants, His Angels, to His invited guests to tell them to come promptly. All His tasty foods were already prepared. They will enjoy them.
     The servants, the Angels, could not believe the response of the invited guests, the excuses they asked them to convey to their Master, Who, in this Parable is God, the Heavenly King and His Beloved Son. The guests forgot that they were creatures; God created them out of love; He made them out of mud, and breathed life in them, through His Holy Spirit.
     The guests, the human beings, used as excuses their daily preoccupations; they shamelessly turned down God's divine invitation to His Banquet, His Holy Eucharist.  It’s incomprehensible how the mortal, earthly man thinks and neglects his salvation and denies the many blessings God offers to him.
     All our preoccupations and achievements will be left behind us, when we die. In our eternal existence we will only carry with us our Godly deeds. For this reason we need to have a "clean garment," a virtuous life, which we acquire through our daily effort to do the Commandments of God. And when we fail, when we sin, we come repeatedly to God with a penitent, humble heart to ask for His forgiveness. And He forgives us and accepts us in His Divine Banquet.
     However, if we won’t accept God's royal invitation, then we will be rejected by Him and we’ll not enter His royal chamber. God will invite other people, in our place, to enter His Kingdom; and we, as unworthy of His invitation, will be excluded from His Kingdom.
     While we are still in this temporary life, let us come to our senses. With tears in our eyes and humility in our heart, let us say to God in repentance, "Forgive us, Heavenly Father, for our thoughtless indifference." Like the prodigal Son of the Parable, receive us also, compassionate Father.
With love,
Fr. John P. Angelis

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